Sija Kuper je “loša majka” i ponosna je na to

Blogerka u viralnom postu navodi zašto su je sve nazivali "lošom majkom"

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Sa svim očekivanjima koja dolaze uz titulu majke zaboravi se ono najbitnije.

Žena ne prestaje biti žena kada postane roditelj.

Dan jedne majke ne može da prođe bez nečije osude ili “dobronamernog” pojašnjenja šta to tačno ona radi pogrešno.

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As my little lady grows, she asks to be in the kitchen more and more to help her mama! @hellofresh makes it so easy for her to join in on the fun of cooking dinner with me. Tonight, we are making Carne Asada Steak bowls topped with guacamole. @hellofresh makes my life easier as a busy mom. You can use their app and select which meals you want to receive weekly and they are delivered to your doorstep. Each recipe comes with a paper bag filled with pre-measured ingredients and an easy to follow along recipe card that helps bring out your inner chef. Say goodbye to grocery shopping and long lines! Click the link inside my bio and use my code FITMOMMY10 to get 10 free meals off of your first month of HelloFresh! Purchase required. #hellofreshpartner #hellofreshpics #freshfriends #getcooking

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Zato je fitnes blogerka Sija Kuper svoje otvoreno pismo namenila “lošim majkama koje spuštaju druge”.

U njemu navodi najčešće kritike koje je dobijala.

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If I had a nickel for every time I’ve been called a “bad mom,” I would be soooo rich! It seems almost impossible to be a textbook or politically correct good mom these days because everywhere you turn another mom is judging your parenting choices. Am I right? I’ve been called a bad mom for: Workout out during pregnancy. Working out while having kids… period. For caring about my looks and health. Working out in Target. Using canned goods and plastic crockpot liners. Having tattoos and piercings. Enjoying wine every now and then. For letting my kids use technology. For letting my kids have sugar and happy meals occasionally. For not “covering up” around my kids. For running a full time business from home. For co-sleeping with my kids. For collecting sports cars and motorcycles aka having a hobby. For taking time for myself. For having abs. I’ve learned that the true “bad moms” out there are the ones who constantly tear other moms down by judging them. Those moms are the ones who are truly insecure and have strong feelings of inadequacy because why else would they do that? Misery loves company. There’s no one right way to parent or to be a mom. We all are running in the same race and doing the best that we can. Motherhood is not a one size fits all-what works for one family may not work for the next. So who are we to judge another mom’s choices or reasoning? Being a mom is hard enough and if all the following make me a “bad mom” then I’ll gladly wear it proudly! Here’s to all the bad moms out there. Follow @badmomconfessions to submit a confession or read other anonymous mothers’ spills! @todayshow @goodmorningamerica @theviewabc @thetalkcbs @theellenshow

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“Vežbanje tokom trudnoće, vežbanje sa decom, vođenje računa o sopstvenom izgledu i zdravlju, korišćenje konzervirane hrane, tetovaže i pirsinzi, povremena čaša vina, dopuštanje deci da koriste tehnologiju, dopuštanje deci da povremeno jedu slatko i hepi mil, rad od kuće, oblačenje, deljenje kreveta sa decom, kupovina automobila i motora, traženje vremena za sebe…”

Ne postoji nikakva formula za roditeljstvo, plan se kroji prema potrebama deteta ali i roditelja.

Kako iko može da očekuje da dete bude srećno ako njegova majka to nije?

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What makes you happy? ✨ For the longest time, I've relied on other people to complete me or to make me happy. I am the type who hates doing anything alone so I often feel better when someone else is around. But I started realizing something.. with each and every relationship I've ever had, I've always looked to that person to bring me joy. The problem with this is that they are human and humans screw up which brings despair-the opposite of joy. Then we sit around and wallow in our unhappiness because "so & so" doesn't make us fulfilled. This is something I wished I would've realized in my marriage. I thought my husband didn't make me happy. I thought we were incompatible. But it was I who was unhappy with myself. I was the only one responsible for how I felt. Hindsight is such a punch in the gut, isn't it? So I am telling you now, so you won't make the same mistakes I did. What if I told you that only you had the keys to your own happiness? You do not need another human being to make you feel whole. You are not a fraction. Yet we still fall down this rabbit hole of constantly being let down by others and putting the responsibility of our happiness onto them which isn't very fair. My therapist asked me: "What makes you happy." I answered well my kids. But do they always? No. Sometimes I get stressed when they don't eat their food, make a mess, or scream when I've got a headache. Happiness and finding joy comes from you. Find something you enjoy. My activity is yoga and I'm about to start classes again because I've let depression take away my joy for the last few months. Only you have the ability to make yourself happy. Your spouse or partner is not responsible for your happiness. Your parents are not responsible for your happiness. Your children are not responsible for your happiness. Your therapist and yoga teachers aren't responsible either! Go do something that brings you joy today. If you've lost sight of that and who you are, try different things. Sign up for different classes. Go to community meetings. Make new friends. I know it's easier said than done, but you have one life to live. Go and find what makes your heart happy. ?

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I ko smo to mi da sudimo drugima?

A ukoliko se nama sudi, poslušajmo Siju i budimo i mi ponosne “loše”majke.

J. Babić


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